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Falling Skies + how it actually happened (36/?)


Weaver gives the best fucking speeches.


Hal & Shaq - Mind Wars

Don’t make me defy you. We both know I don’t need your permission.


I kind of wish the Ben/ Maggie relationship was more focused as a concerned sister/brother thing rather than having the inevitable romantic connotations we’ve seen in previews. Then it would like Maggie is solidifying the place she created for herself in the lasr season with Matt and the hunt for Anne.


Falling Skies + how it actually happened (33/?)

"I really love playing scenes with Drew. Some of my favorite scenes in the entire season were the ones I had with Drew because he’s such a nice guy and good actor. And he’s really, really giving as an actor in terms of like he’s up for anything. He has great ideas and he’s not much older than me so he really has this sort of half-friend, half-older brother kind of relationship going with me in that he’s very relaxed but also very helpful."

  • Weaver: I had a drill sergeant back in basic training. He used to tell us that the true soldier doesn't fight because he hates what's in front of him—he fights because he loves what's behind him.
  • Matt: Okay. So what do you do with all the hate?
  • Weaver: What do you do with all the hate? I'll tell you what you do with it—you put it aside—that's what every good soldier does. If you let that hate destroy who you are then you lose everything and we can't...we cannot let that happen to us. You're part of a family, Matt—a father who loves you, brothers, a sister now...you fight for them if you fight. You're a Mason. You come from a long line of Masons, brave Masons.
  • Matt: I understand but I still wanna make them pay for what they've done.
  • biceters:

    Petition for Ben to get his spikes removed for the sole reason of having to wear those glasses.

    Lourdes’s safe zone.
    You know Lourdes? My best friend basically that I promised her I would make sure she was safe and protected? That Lourdes. The Lourdes with the safe zone.
    — 出典:Hal Mason basically (via keepingupwiththemasons)


    Lourdes fans watch falling skies like..