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Falling Skies 4x01 - Ghost in the Machine


am I the only one that’s utterly in love with Cochise (not like romantically) he’s just so adorable.

All we have to do is wait.

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I saw this pic of Seychelle that i never seen before and I notice something… Is that a tattoo on her thigh? lol not judging because tattoos are art and i dont mine them but i never knew she had one. lol

yep, it’s an anchor tattoo. you can see it a little clearer in the ‘standing in this dream’ music video :)


Ben and Maggie



I don’t care. I couldn’t save Lexi. Please, let me try and save Maggie…

Fangirl Challenge  ❀ {1/5 villains} 
 ▶ Alexis (Lexi) Mason {Falling Skies}


Ladies and gentlemans…. DREW ROY !


Alright guys. I need more Falling Skies on my dash. Reblog if you want me to check you out. I’m cool with multi-fandom because I like liking what other people like too.



Ben ‘cutie pie’ Mason

What is this from?